How to prepare for your headshot session?

As a Professional Louisville Headshot Photographer with years of experience doing portraits, here are some tips to help prepare you for your session.

What should I wear for my headshots?

We will take a couple different shots—in different outfits—so you’ll have a series to choose from. It’s important that your look matches the image you’re trying to convey. What you wear on a daily basis is a great place to start.

We will go over what kind of look your going for before your shoot, but here are some pointers for you:

– Always bring clothes that match your style and personality.

– Stay away from clothes with busy patterns. Solid colors are best. NO LOGOS.

-Bring an undershirt or camisole. It saves time to be able to change comfortably in the studio. This way you get as many different looks as possible during your session. Or if you prefer, there will be bathroom for changing needs.

– Blue Jeans always look great on camera, unless they are dingy and torn. For headshots, your lower half won’t make it into most of the pictures, but don’t neglect to pick out some good pants for the shoot.

– Make sure to dress comfortable but classy, v-neck and u-neck sweaters and shirts are great. Collared button down shirts are great, a solid color with a crisp-clean white shirt underneath for the men and a stylish solid color for women. For women tank-tops are always good, stay away from clothes that are too tight or uncomfortable.

– Make sure any clothes that you bring are clean and neatly pressed. This goes double for collared shirts and suits.

-Bring unique articles of clothing. Jackets, scarves and jewelry are great to add some color and character to your headshots.

What about hair and makeup?

Hair and makeup are NOT included in the headshot. We highly recommend professional hair and makeup. Our cameras capture everything. Yes, we will help with acne and bags under your eyes in post productions but we DO NOT retouch makeup onto you! Your headshot needs to look like you on your best day!  A professional makeup artist knows how to make you look your best for the camera.

Who do you recommend for Hair and Makeup?

If you don’t have a hair and makeup artist who you use, here are a few artists that we work with regularly and highly recommend. You can contact them directly to set up your appointment and work out payments.

Autumn Sharp: (502)314-4442 ~ Available to come to the studio for on site hair and makeup.

Primp Style Lounge: (502)384-7043

Hali B & Co:  (502)635-5113 ~ Only 2 blocks from our studio

Derby City Chop Shop: (502) 916-4064  ~ new location in Germantown just minutes from our studio.

What else should I do to prepare for my headshot session?

Think of this as a good reason to pamper yourself! Schedule a haircut or blowout before your session. Get a facial, nails, new outfit, teeth whitening ect. anything that makes you feel your best! Definitely drink plenty of water and get lots of rest before your photo.

– We recommend getting a facial about 4 days before your session. Your face is everything (these are headshots) take care of your face and it will take care of you.

Clique Boutique offers plenty of amazing facial services that can make you feel your best.


What happens if I need to reschedule or cancel?

If you need to cancel, know that your payment can go towards a future session, but there are no refunds. You may receive 1 complimentary reschedule at no cost.

How long does it take to get my images back?

We will do immediate proofing in the studio, so you will select your favorite images right after the session. Please give us three business days to send your gallery. You will be able to download the images directly to your desktop and use for promotional use. Please DOWNLOAD and SAVE your images to your computer. We also recommend saving them in a second location as a backup. We would LOVE if you gave us a shoutout if you do use them on Facebook or Instagram.

How much retouching do you do?

We do the minimal amount of retouching to our images. Color correction, sharpness, and cropping. We do remove some blemishes and draw attention to certain parts of the image by lightening and darkening. Other than that, it is important for you to look your best  It is important for you to look natural, and too much retouching can give you an artificial look.

How do I get my images? What is Pixieset?

Pixieset is a web-based, online gallery we use to send you your images because they are large files and we do not want to clutter up your email box or have it bounce back. The email will say from: Kylene’s Photography; subject: Photos for Your Name are ready. Once you receive the email from us, download your images, and it’s not a bad idea to back them up as well.

Remember to have fun! A relaxed, comfortable subject naturally exudes confidence.

If you have additional questions about your session, email me or call me and I will make sure your prepared for your session!