Elizabeth McCall has been named Master Distiller at Woodford Reserve, and featured on the cover of Whiskey Magazine in London.

McCall was 9 months pregnant at our photo shoot with her second baby. She is truly an inspiration that women can make it to the top in their careers…even if it is the bourbon industry.  Elizabeth started with an entry level position at Brown-Forman and has worked her way to this position with the help of her mentor Chris Morris, whom is now Master Distiller Emeritus — the highest honor one can achieve as a distiller.

McCall will oversee quality and innovation efforts and bring new Woodford Reserve products to market. She also leads the brand’s special, rare bourbon releases, including the Master’s Collection and Distillery Series, bringing her unique touch and point of view to new whiskies. She is with her family on maternity leave now, but I can’t wait to see what she brings to Woodford Reserve when she is back!

Photographed for: Kertis Creative

Hair/makeup: Lauren Sutton

Kentucky Food and Spirits photographer