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Kylene’s Photography offers commercial event photography services to fit your unique business needs. Our main focus is helping you make more money through the use of creative photography. We have you covered for Trade shows, Fundraisers, Grand Openings, Media Conferences, Ribbon Cuttings so you can have content for your website, social media and public relations team.

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Capture all the elements of the event you’ve worked so hard on!

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We are there for the times in life you want to remember the most. From your baby’s first birthday to your parents’ golden anniversary, we are there to capture memories of life’s most important moments. We cover everything from parties to family reunions, graduations to retirements, fundraisers, company events and everything in between.

Kylene Photography specializes in corporate and personal event photography in Louisville, KY.

We love to be a part of the days that matter most.

Corporate Event Photography

Corporate events mark monumental milestones in the life of your company and the growth of your vision.

In addition to personal event photography, we offer commercial event photography. We take your corporate events to a whole new level with professional photography that outlines more than what you do, but who you are.

The most popular commercial events we photograph include company parties, annual celebrations, award ceremonies, and tradeshow events. Commercial event photography can provide benefits for company morale, public relations, marketing, and provide a nice memento of the special moments along your journey to success.

From corporate events to professional milestones, commercial event photography is there every step of the way. From meet and greet handshakes to the keynote speaker, we create images that can be used to capture, promote, motivate, and inspire both attendees and participants.

Many of our commercial event photography has been used in marketing campaigns, magazine articles in Louisville, websites, social media, and other marketing materials.

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Trade Show Photos

Any type of industry trade show is about showing off the latest and greatest. It’s about revealing new products, breakthrough technology, and company growth.

It’s perfect for creating exposure or reinventing your brand. We provide services that can create a stunning tradeshow booth and document the event itself.

Booth Photography: High impact photography creates a booth that draws attention from across the room. Our professional event photographers can work with you to create larger-than-life images to help you look you best.

Event Photography: Whether you are hosting, speaking, or attending, corporate events like tradeshows can be a great opportunity to create exposure.

Our photographers work tirelessly throughout the Louisville event to capture moments to increase future exposure for your company, capitalize on your investment and show off your hard work.

Convention & Conference Photographer

Conventions and conferences show your customer and employees the value you put into your business. It’s about showcasing your team, your success, and your future.

Convention and conference photography is not about getting posed pictures of a bunch of business suits, (although we are happy to take those, too). It’s about capturing the essence of your company and the energy of an event with a single photo.

For your next conference or convention, use a professional event photogragher in Louisville, KY.

Using convention and conference photography effectively can capitalize on your investment and provide a wealth of opportunities.

• If you have a celebrity appearance or guest speaker, offer photo opportunities with them.

• Provide a photo booth to encourage attendees to have fun and gives you priceless images to use in the future.

• Control your own media coverage by having images ready for press coverage who may be covering the event.

• Send printed photos as a thank you and a keepsake to attendees.

• Project a live stream or slideshow of images for your guests during the event.

• Use images in future marketing campaigns on your website and on social media platforms.

We love to capture those special moments and professional milestones that tell your story from start to finish.

Public Relation Photos

The best marketing campaigns use vivid, moving, and impactful photography that is impossible to miss. The right type of PR photos makes you stand out and get noticed in today’s fast-paced world.

A good PR photo shows who you are, what you do, and why it is important. It’s similar to advertising, but the main goal of PR photography is to tell a story or share an event, rather than a direct sale.

We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve to create PR photos that are likable, shareable, and unmissable for your Louisville audience.

• Keep it current. A photo shoot from 2 years ago (or maybe even 2 months ago) may no longer be relevant. You want every press release to be fresh and current.

• Use a variety of photos so you’re not always showing the same angle or the same view every time.

• Don’t take the obvious route. We all love photos of people holding giant checks, but we go beyond that to tell the real story.

• Think like an editor – what type of photos would you want in your newspaper or magazine? Those types of captivating, irresistible photos are the ones we want to provide.

Including an image with every press release is more likely to get attention from a journalist than one without. They say an image is worth 1000 words, but we think that statistic is drastically underrated. The right image combined with the right words can be priceless.

Personal Event Photography

In today’s world, nearly everyone has a camera in their pocket. But relying on a smartphone to take beautiful pictures of your event will likely end in disappointment.

You only have the opportunity to capture the perfect moment once. If the lighting isn’t right or the photos are blurred, the chance is gone.

Because you can’t recreate life’s most important moments, our number one priority is capturing beautiful photos so you can enjoy being in the moment on that special day and relive it for years to come.

Invest in event photography in Louisville, KY to advertise your next fundraiser.

Family Reunions: We love to photograph family reunions. It’s about the look on someone’s face when they see their favorite cousins they haven’t seen in months (or years), or capturing your hilarious uncle doing his same old antics. Family reunions are time to embrace loved ones from near and far.

We can also use family reunions to get group photos of family that isn’t always together. We’ve never met a set of grandparents who wouldn’t love a photo of all their grandkids together at one time.

School and Community Events: Carnivals, programs, recitals, PTA forums, we love to capture those moments. School and community events can be memorable moments for you and your family, but can also be valuable resources for PR, social media, website marketing, etc.

Fundraisers: Giving back to an organization is a great feeling, one that is even greater when shared. Show your support through capturing great images to relieve the magic of the affair over and over!

Telling Your Story

By capturing the look on Grandpa’s face, the wonder in babies’ eyes, or the laughter of friends, we capture that story through event photography. A birthday party celebrates a milestone, a wedding tells a love story, a retirement party starts with hard work.

Event photography is about showing the people, the location, and the reason for the celebration. Every situation tells a story, we capture each moment from the smallest detail to the grand finale through the eyes, hands, and hearts that tell yours.

The Kylene Difference

Every story is unique, and we love to capture what makes you special. See your story from every angle with professional photography that gives you more than you can see on your own.
Ever wonder what your 3-year-old niece sees? Or the look on grandpa’s face when he sees grandma? Now you can experience more perspectives than ever before with professional family event photography. We capture every side by using different angles, lighting, and perspective to give you a better view of your event from the inside out.

We come prepared by researching the venue ahead of time, understanding the itinerary, knowing the time schedule, and we are ready to catch every moment from the perfect angle. We always include the typical posed photos, but also we like to have fun and get playful shots full of personality.

We capture those intangible emotions that can only be described through a photo by working silently in the background to be at the right place at the right time. Our specialty is capturing those emotional moments, hilarious candids, and priceless reactions of all your special events in your life.

Give us a call today to schedule your next event!

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