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For a lot of people, including myself, getting your picture taken can be vulnerable and stressful. Cameras have this incredible ability to bring out our harshest self-critics. You’d be shocked by the frequency with which I hear, “I am the least photogenic person ever.” And still, after 20 years of experience, I have yet to meet an unphotogenic person.

We are going to have fun finding your best angles, highlighting your favorite features, and showing off who you are. I will coach you through a number of poses and give you feedback throughout the whole process. So quiet that inner hater and get ready to take some awesome headshots.

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Actors and models live and die by their headshots, but they aren’t the only ones who should have always a current professional headshot.

Whether you’re an administrative assistant or the president of the United States, having a business headshot presents your face to the world to show your competence and confidence.

Today’s consumers depend on an online presence. Whether it’s your website, your social media, or online reviews, you should be portraying the best version of yourself.

Professional headshot photography increases the likability of business listings and social media landing pages. You are the face of your own company, and your visual brand is more important than ever before.

Getting a great headshot is about looking and feeling your best. It’s about getting a picture that portrays not just what you look like, but who you are.

What is a Headshot?

It’s all about you!

You are as unique as your fingerprint, and we convey that through the perfect photo. A basic headshot is often a photo of one person from the waist up, but not always. A full body picture can make a beautiful headshot photo, too.

We love to learn about you and emphasize your strengths through photos without any other people or props. The backgrounds for headshots are kept simple so the focus can be on you.

Maybe you have a commanding presence, a quiet confidence, a great sense of humor, or a twinkle in your eye; great headshot photography shows what sets you apart from everyone else.

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They Should Be Natural. It’s Not a Glamour Shot!

Headshots should look like you.

They should look like you on your best day, a day you feel beautiful and confident. They should not look like you’ve just stepped off the stage of an extreme makeover.

We do provide basic retouching to fix small and temporary flaws, but it’s important to keep it real and authentic, so you are easy to recognize.

How To Prepare For Your Headshot Photo Shoot

1. We love meeting new clients in Louisville and it shows. We start by taking the time to get to know you by discussing who you are personally and professionally. We talk about what you’d like your headshot photography to convey, where you plan to use it, and share your story.

2. Next, it’s time to choose your look. We recommend choosing a look that is most recognizable to you. You should look nice, but not overdone. Do you normally wear golf shirts and slacks? Then don’t show up in a tux. Wear something that makes you look comfortable, confident, and attractive. Still not sure what to wear? Keep reading below.

3. Prepare beforehand by giving yourself a little TLC. Start with a haircut, eyebrow wax, and maybe a little tanning (give it plenty of time to settle in before the photo shoot). Starting about 72 hours beforehand, it’s time to increase your water intake, reduce alcohol, stay out of the sun, and moisturize. This will make sure your skin looks its best.

4. Get plenty of sleep the night before. No one wants a headshot with tired bags under their eyes.

What Should I Wear for My Photo Shoot?

Headshots are actually a misnomer because the photos show a lot more than your shoulders. Wider shots can be waist-up or full-length, so it’s important to look your best. So what to wear? The truth is, it’s up to you – but we do have a few tips to help you know what will work best.

• Think about your goal. Are you trying to start a business, build a brand, get a job? Dress the part. What would you wear to an important business meeting, an audition, or a presentation? That’s a good place to start.

• What is your favorite outfit? Maybe you love your cowboy boots or your leather jacket. Start there. You want to express yourself as you actually are, not as someone you are trying to be.

• Don’t wear anything new. Photo shoot day is the wrong day to decide that cute top is itchy and your pants are too tight. Wear clothing that you know and love so that you are comfortable. If you want to buy new clothes for your photo shoot, give them a test run first and go to lunch with friends in your new digs to be sure they look and feel great.

• Choose colors that work with your skin tone. What looks best? Think about what outfits tend to get you compliments from friends and family. Generally, if you have medium to dark skin, go for a contrasting color. If you have fair skin and blue eyes, look for something in the blue, pinks, or gray family. If you’re not sure what you look good in, take a girlfriend shopping and try on a bunch of different options.

• Don’t let your clothes do the talking. Avoid brand name logos, loud patterns, or distracting styles. We want the focus to be on you. You’re the star of the show today!

Hair and Makeup

We always recommend professional makeup for professional headshots. Why? Because applying makeup for photo shoots with studio lights or outdoor lighting is completely different than doing your makeup every other day of the week.

Bring a picture of yourself on a normal day so the makeup artist can match their skills to your everyday look. Photography generally requires a little more makeup than everyday wear, but professional artists know how to keep it fresh, polished, and natural.

Corporate Headshot Booth

For companies with locations across the country, getting employees together for cohesive headshot photography can be challenging. We offer corporate headshot services at company events in Louisville to provide consistent and professional business portraits for use in marketing materials, company websites, social media, directories, LinkedIn, etc.

If you’re already using corporate photography for your event, adding headshots into the package can save you both time and money. Headshots also give you the opportunity to say thank you to your team for their hard work. Giving them a great looking photo is a huge morale booster.

Whether you’re looking for a new headshot to promote yourself, your company, or your employees, we can help. Give us a call today to get started planning your next photo shoot!

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