This week I start a new chapter in my life, transitioning my career in newspaper photojournalism to my own business of love stories. I’m taking a leap of faith, but I’m confident that I am being led in the right direction. What great story in life doesn’t involve risk? I have always been attracted to photographing relationships thoughout my career in newspapers and I’m not going to change my way of storytelling. Weddings and portraits are stories we hope to share till the end of our days and perhaps beyond that.

On the other hand it is incredibily bittersweet. Eight years ago, I got my dream job as a photojournalist at the Courier-Journal and I got to see the world. I worked with the very best photojournalists in the country, covered cancer in India, earthquakes in Haiti, and follow Megan Schanie on her year long battle with cancer…all stories that touched our Louisville community and helped people all over the world. I also met true friends that I hope will be a part of my life forever.

As we all know, the environment in print media has changed drastically and it is time for me to make a change. The education, experience and wealth of knowledge I learned at the C-J has helped me grow personally and professionally. I plan to use and take that experience with me on to my next chapter in my career at Kylene’s Photography.

Photo by Dustin Alton Strupp