Caroline Burckle is a vibrant, beautiful, and outgoing woman whom I have gotten the amazing opportunity to get to know. She is a local Louisvillian and achieved an Olympic Bronze Medal in the 400-meter relay and NCAA record holder in the 500-meter freestyle. We met on assignment for the Courier-Journal Stylemaker and being a swimmer myself, I was actually a little star-struck when I realized that this was “Caroline Burckle”… the Olympian! But there is no need to feel that way around Caroline, she is a sweet, fun, humble, person that makes everyone feel comfortable around her. We hit it off right away with all the various things we had in common, (other than Olympic Medals of course) and we have become great friends since.

Caroline loved the pictures from the article so much that she asked me to do photos for her business/website Stilwellness, which she is a certified Life, Health, and Wellness Coach. This is the first installment of photos for her website and in turn she has been working with me to achieve my health, fitness, and life goals. Caroline is incredible at what she does and how she has made me feel the past few weeks. She helped me put things in perspective by just asking myself questions on what makes me happy, and what is my ultimate dream right now? Seems simple and like something anyone could do themselves, but I think crazy busy lives, careers, families, responsibilities, I found myself just trying to get through my to-do list everyday without thinking much in the future and how important life goals are. Caroline’s energy, compassion, and advice has empowered me and taught me the importance of owning my life and my health and I feel better than I have in a long time. This is the first installment of photos I am doing for Caroline’s website. We will be doing a fitness shoot and an underwater shoot in the next few months so stay tuned!

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