I am so proud of these visionary entrepreneurs introducing a new concept, in health and wellness, to Louisville.  Louisville Bowspring, a studio that is taking a holistic approach towards total body-mind wellness, held it’s grand opening on Sunday and many people joined to open up their heart, minds, and bodies.

The classes offered at this new space are rooted in the practice of yoga, however the poses are different than the traditional yoga postures and emphasize more of a total body strengthening, the practice is more dynamic and more balanced.  The Bowspring is an ideal postural shape for all of your daily life’s activities. Consider enhancing your capacity in ordinary tasks like walking, sitting, housework, and even more specialized activities like yoga, running, or any athletics. The goal of the Bowspring alignment is to achieve tensile strength and rooted lightness in any movement, while using the least amount of physical energy. It offers a new view on body alignment that keeps you living healthy at any age; cultivating graceful lightness and whole body strength. It is really a blast!

The studio also offers wellness workshops and classes monthly to compliment the physical practice! The teachers and owners, Emily Karl, Josh McKee, Justin Wuecther, Sarah Shaheen, Susan Schroeder, & Taylor McFarlane are friendly, helpful and invested in your growth. The space is beautiful and inviting.  Grab your mat and get sprung!

You can visit their website here to view their class schedule, list of upcoming workshops and more about the business.

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