I am excited to introduce Kristin Kidwell, who has an eye for all things beautiful. She is helping brides create the wedding of their dreams with her business Don’t Forget the Flowers.
I have known Kristin since our college days at Western Kentucky University where we went to photojournalism school together. Her unique eye has recently led her to the design aspect of weddings and she is truly a gem to work with. Her talent, personality, and hard work is going to make her business flourish.
These are some photos from Kristin’s beautiful southern wedding and some of her florals from recent weddings we have worked on together. You brides looking for florals, design, or planning look no further:-)

1. Tell me about yourself, your company and what you offer?
My name is Kristin Kidwell, queen bee in my household of all boys… my amazing husband Eddie, and our two adorable and special boys Wyatt, 3 and Hollis, 1.
My company is Don’t Forget the Flowers, whose name comes from a beloved Wilco song! I would consider myself predominately a wedding and event florist, but not limited to. I will send your grandmother flowers tomorrow if you needed me to! I also will plan, design, and setup your next event.

2. How did you get into florals, design and wedding planning?
I must lend my gratitude to Mindy Wiseman for peaking my interest in florals, whom I met while working at 610 Magnolia long ago. Mindy does the arrangements for the restaurant, along with owning her own farm and landscaping business. She just has a knack for putting flowers together and they always look stunning, full of rich texture, and always organic without trying to be so. She took me to a wholesale florist for the first time and I just fell in love in that cooler full of flowers! I took on my first wedding under her guidance, and then would help out close friends or family with flowers over the course of the next year or so. I later worked for both The Green Lady Studio and Nanz & Kraft Florists. I did a lot of work, both hands on, and observing- that I realized that my passion was within the design and the planning that goes alongside weddings and events. I love the vision and ideas that go into making one big space come alive.

3. Whats your favorite part about what you do?
I love it all, but I must admit that my favorite part is when I hand over a bouquet to the bride. It just gets me every time! A bride looks so beautiful on her wedding day and to me, once you place that bouquet in her hand when they are all dressed up- well it just seals the deal that their vision has become a reality. It’s a very rewarding feeling watching other people be happy because of something you were able to do for them. I just feel very lucky to call it work.

4. Where do you get your inspiration?
My husband. He is my partner in crime when it comes to all things of beauty and aesthetics. We can sit for hours and just talk. I am never bored with him and his ideas and visions. Having someone believe in you is what it takes! We renovated and created the home of our dreams nestled on 5 acres of woods, so I am naturally just inspired by our surroundings. Also, the boys inspire me daily. Living through their eyes helps keep my imagination wild. In the spring & summer, Wyatt picks wildflowers for me almost daily and says, “for you my dear.” He likes to make his own arrangements in tiny jars while I work, so we do it together. I feel like he knows that I enjoy doing what I do, and he gets to be a part of that with me. That in itself is inspiring.

5. Are there any wedding trends you love or would love to see brides leave behind?
Ooooh tough question! I think the biggest trend I have run into lately is using mostly white flowers with a lot of pale pinks, peaches, and creams. It’s very very beautiful. However, I must admit, I love when a bride wants a lot of color. There’s so many flowers out there that it just gets me excited thinking of all of the options! I do believe though that as long as a bride is being true to herself and picking out what she thinks is the prettiest, then it’s a win win situation for us both.

6. Whats you favorite things to do when your not planning/designing a wedding?
Being with Eddie and the boys, spending time with my parents and two sisters, listening to great records, seeing live music, impromptu dates with girlfriends, and frequenting antique & thrift stores.