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Your photos should be treated as family heirlooms. They should be preserved so that in ten, twenty years from now you’ll look back and feel your memories. You’ll hold the photo of your child and the smell of her hair will rush past your nose – the sound of their laughter and giggles will flood your ears. The memory of their fingers interlocking with yours will be as real as anything. That’s my job as a family photographer in Louisville, KY. That is a portrait session’s importance to your family.

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Cherish these sweet moments for generations to come!

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We lighten your load and relieve the pressure of family photography while creating lasting memories and beautiful photos.

No more worrying about wrangling the kids, convincing the husband, or finding the perfect outfits to capture that perfect moment for your mantel or Christmas card. We make family portraits, easy, simple, and something to look forward to, not dread (yes, even the husbands).

Kylene Photography is a family photographer in Louisville, KY.

As a experienced, professional family photographer, we know how to take the anxiety out of family photography by making it fun, exciting, and a time to actually create memories together and capture those beautiful moments on camera.

How do we do it?


We love what we do and it shows.

We want to get to know you and your family, so when it’s time for your photo shoot, it’s more like hanging out with an old friend. We find Louisville, KY locations and lighting that works perfectly to fit your style and preference.

As a family photographer, we come prepared to handle any situation. Crying babies? Check. Temper tantrum two-year-old? Check. Moody tween? Too-cool teenager? Check. We’ve got you covered so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

How To Get Absolutely Perfect Family Photos Every Time

Chances are you have an ideal look and Louisville, KY location that you have in mind and you want your family pictures to be adored by family and friends. Getting perfect family pictures is a lot easier than you think. As a family photographer who has been there and done that, here are a few ideas to get you started on creating that picture-perfect moment.

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1. Know what you want. Peruse Pinterest for family photos and decide what you like, and what you don’t. Posed? Natural? Indoors? Out? Make your own inspiration board of ideas and things you would love to see in your own pictures. Bring those with you when we plan your session.

2. Know what you don’t want. Finding examples of photos you love is a lot more fun, but it’s equally important to decide what types of photos you find cheesy, unattractive, or distasteful.

3. Don’t sweat the small stuff. It doesn’t really matter if Johnny gets a grass stain or Lizzy won’t let go of her pacifier. You’ll be glad you caught them as they are – little.

4. Let go of “Mom Mode” on picture day. Try to relax, no need to discipline tell them to “hold still,” “don’t touch,” or “look here” – it’s hard to get sincere smiles out of a child (or parent) who is frustrated. Let them have fun and you’ll get better pictures guaranteed.

5. Think happy thoughts. Real emotion is what makes us drawn to those unforgettable pictures. Spend the morning of your photo shoot thinking about how much you love your family, leave the stress behind, and walk in front of the camera full of love and gratitude and joy.

How to Get My Family to Agree to Pictures

After you hire a family photographer in Louisville, KY, get your family excited for the shoot to make the pictures better.

If you have a sea of groans from the family when you mention hiring a family photographer, we understand. Not everyone loves the process of taking photos, but we have a few tips to get even the grumpiest family members on board.

Babies: We love photographing babies, and they can be a beautiful focal point in your photos. We want to be sure baby is warm and comfortable. Schedule photos around their schedule, so they aren’t hungry or tired during the shoot.

Kids: Get kids excited about having their pictures taken. Involve them from the beginning and let them choose what they want to wear or what they’d like to bring. Having one photo with their favorite toy is completely worth it in the end.

Teens: Offer to take them shopping to find a new outfit for the photos. Do your best to plan them around their schedule so they don’t have to miss their favorite dance class, football practice, or band concert.

Dad/Husband: Dads are often the most difficult to photograph. Plan ahead so they have time to prepare, and budget for them so money isn’t a stressor during the photos. Let them know why these are important to you and give him a say in what he wears or where the photos will be taken.


What should we wear to a family photo shoot?

Chances are, this photo is going to hang in your Louisville, KY home all year long, so start there. Choose colors that you love and that will go well with the colors in your home. Start with a color pallet, but think of it as a theme, not a uniform. Matchy-matchy never looks good. Instead, choose outfits that look good together without being the same.

Incorporate different patterns and textures to add dimension and then layer by adding accessories, jackets, or hats. These small details can make a big difference in a good picture vs. a great one.

Most of all, be sure everyone is happy and comfortable. Having a perfect color scheme is not as important as making sure each person looks good and feels good individually.

When in doubt, ask us for ideas. We have been a family photographer for years and can give you some pointers.

Where should we go for our family photos?


From your backyard to downtown Louisville, KY, your family photographer will go with you anywhere.

Seriously, a professional family photographer, like us, can go anywhere.

Think about a location that matches your family’s personality. Maybe you love to be in the mountains, or you have the most fun at theme parks.

Don’t go somewhere just because “it’s pretty”. If you spend most of your time in downtown Louisville, KY, you probably don’t want family pictures next to a barn.

We can go virtually anywhere you choose. We even provide destination family photography.

If you’re not sure what location would work best, we can offer suggestions in our portfolio of beautiful spots with a variety of different looks.

What should we bring to a family photo shoot?

Maybe your little one has a special stuffed animal, or your family has a fun game. Bring those with you. Not only do they make great pictures, but they can be a great way to keep kids happy and cooperative.

If you bring props to be in the photographs, make sure they blend in with the color scheme and aren’t distracting.

Sometimes it is helpful to bring a helper along for family photos. If you choose to bring a helper, it should be someone who the kids love who they will listen to and enjoy spending time with. It should also be someone who can be helpful and not distracting.

Let’s Get Started!

Family pictures shouldn’t be a once-in-a-lifetime event. Your family changes so much from year to year and we want to be there to capture it all. Start a new tradition and say goodbye to all of that stress.

This year’s pictures are going be a breeze and turn out amazing because you will hire an experienced, professional and fun family photographer in Louisville, KY. Just sit back, relax, and give us a call to get started!

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