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Senior portraits are a once-in-a-lifetime experience and you want to LOVE them. These will be the best photos of you ever. You deserve a photographer who understands how important this moment is…a photographer who wants your senior portraits to not only reflect WHAT you look like, but WHO you are, and is willing to spend the time to find out and make you look your absolute best.

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Enjoy your time in the spotlight celebrating your glory days!

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Senior portraits should reflect who you are, not just what you look like when you graduate high school.

Gone are the days of stiff classman photos. Today’s seniors want fun, fresh, and fashion-forward photo shoots that they can use for college applications, job interviews, and of course, social media.

For the best senior portraits in Louisville, KY, call Kylene Photography.

Many seniors look forward to their portrait session because it’s their time in the spotlight. Whether you are excited or a little camera shy, we create an experience that builds confidence and inspires seniors to take on the world.

We go above and beyond your typical senior portraits photographer to really get to know you to find out what will make you look your best and feel completely comfortable in front of the camera. We do everything we can to tailor your shoot perfectly to you.

When To Get Senior Photos Taken

The best time to start thinking about senior portraits is during your junior year. Typically, your senior pictures need to be completed by the middle of your senior year, sometimes earlier if your school allows outside photos in the yearbook.

Getting started is easy, simply give us a call and we will take a little information and set up a time to learn more about you.

Starting earlier is better than procrastinating until the last minute. The more time we have the more opportunity we have to find the best time locations, props, wardrobe, and lighting.

What should I wear for Senior Pictures?

What you’re wearing in your senior pictures is a large part of whether you’ll love them or hate them.

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We always recommend wearing something that you love, but also works well in front of a camera. Avoid large logos, crazy patterns, wide stripes, or very small prints.

Find something that is flattering. Not sure what’s flattering? Think about an outfit that always gets a lot of compliments whenever you’ve worn it in the past.

Accessories For Senior Photos

Bring on the accessories! We love little things that make you YOU.

Girls, wear the necklace you love, the bracelets you never take off and the ring you can’t live without.

Guys, bring your favorite hat, classy tie, your watches, and class ring.

Accessories are a great way to add a little extra pop in your photos, and they give you something to keep your hands busy do they aren’t always on your hips or in your pocket.

Wardrobe Changes For Senior Photo Shoots

For your senior portraits session with Kylene Photography in Louisville, KY, bring your favorite school accessories.

Absolutely! We actually encourage wardrobe changes for senior portraits because they allow you to show more than one side of your personality. We generally recommend no more than three wardrobe changes:

  • Start with your go-to outfit, something you’d wear to school that shows your everyday style.
  • Then choose one outfit that is more dressy, this is usually skirt or dress for girls and something with a tie for the guys.
  • The last outfit can be something related to your hobbies, sports, or interests. This might be a band uniform, football jersey, college sweater, etc.

Bring all clothes to the shoot on hangers, clean and pressed. Keep any and all accessories and jewelry attached so you know where everything is and can make changes quickly.

Can I Bring Props to My Senior Photo Shoot?

Yes, please! We want anything that tells your story or shows your interests. Props are a great way to add personality into your senior portraits.

Maybe you love to play the guitar or if you’re a bookworm, bring your favorite classic books. Do you have a pet that you’ve grown up with? Bring them along! Do you play sports, love comic books, enjoy art or are an accomplished gymnast? Bring anything that shows who you are.

Help, my senior hates taking pictures, what do I do?

Not everyone thrives in front of the camera, and that’s OK. We love what we do and we do our best to make sure everyone is comfortable with us before the photo shoot.

Suggest to your senior that they can come by just to meet us, talk about some ideas, and let them offer suggestions as to what would make them feel more comfortable. Sometimes just a conversation and allowing us to get to know them can make a huge difference.

The best senior portraits are those you take in and around Louisville, KY at your favorite hangouts.

What Locations Can We Use?

We do senior photos almost anywhere. We have a few favorite spots that we can recommend in Louisville, KY, but if you have a certain location in mind, let us know. Maybe you have a family ranch, a favorite city spot, or you want to do your photos actually at the school. We can find a Louisville location that matches both your personality and your style.

I’m Always Awkward in Photos, Can You Help?

Absolutely! We specialize in non-awkward senior photos. Start by dressing for success. Put on something you feel beautiful in and let us take care of the rest.

Some of the best photos are candid shots, where you completely forget the camera is even there. If you’re still nervous about it, bring a playlist of your favorite tunes and we’ll just hang out, listen to tunes, and maybe even bust a move or two.

Can I Bring My Friend/Boyfriend/Girlfriend?

Senior portraits are for the senior only, but we are happy to have helpers at the photo shoot.

Be selective about who you invite. If you have a friend who helps you be yourself, makes you laugh, and always boosts your confidence, bring them along. If you have another friend who is brutally honest, can’t help but make silly faces when you’re trying to be serious and will constantly criticize your look, leave them home.

We want the photos to focus on you, not a party with your besties, so only bring someone if they are ready to help.

Do I Beed to Bring My Parent(s)?

We always recommend bringing a parent because they are often a huge source of confidence and comfort, and they will tell you that you look radiant no matter what. They love you unconditionally and they have waited years for this moment.

However, if you’re shy and prefer to be completely alone during your photos, we are good with that, too.

Our number one goal as a senior portraits photographer in Louisville, KY is to create an experience that you enjoy and pictures that will last a lifetime. We want you to forget about everything else and enjoy this minute. Capture the moment, the personality, the feeling of this time in your life.

After all, these photos will likely be on still the wall in your parents’ house twenty years from now. Let’s make sure they are amazing! Give us a call to schedule your senior portrait session today.

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