Ema and Elliott are both Louisville natives and knew each other in high school. They lost touch in college, Elliott moved to Dallas and Ema to Chicago. “We re-met Thanksgiving weekend at Molly Malone’s (romantic, right) four years ago. He was living in Boston, I was in Chicago so we made the weekend count. We hung out the entire weekend and left “dating” after three days. He came to visit me the next weekend in Chicago and a year later I moved to Boston. What a whirlwind!” Said Ema. She knew he was the one the first visit to Chicago. “It just felt right. Like we had been dating forever. I just knew there was something there.”

And anyone who meets this couple knows there is something there as well. This was such a fun, energetic, and well planned out engagement ¬†shoot. Ema and Elliott are truly CRAZY in love with each other and their vibrant personalities are contagious. They are getting married next May and I can’t wait to be a part of their celebration.

Ema is good friends with Pascale Cross, a stylist for Amazon and Louisville Bride. She helped them with some inspiration and both of their parents got involved with props, outfits, and a full on picnic that fed the whole crew! It was a fantastic group effort and I loved all the help, silly jokes and support from Ema and Elliott’s parents during the shoot. They are certainly just as excited as the soon to be bride and groom are!

Big thanks to Pascale for all her help, inspiration and the awesome article in Louisville Bride! Thanks to Ema and Elliott’s parents for all your help shopping and entertaining all of us. And big thanks to my Dad, the experienced and talented Darwin Lloyd for helping me at the shoot!