I was so excited when Taylor called me to do engagement pictures of her and Phil! I met this awesome couple a few years ago at one of my best friends wedding and couldn’t be more happy for them to get married!
Taylor and Phil met in college at UNC- Chapel Hill and they were both avid swimmers. After being together for years Phil proposed this summer on a trip to Maine to visit Taylor’s family.
They were having the most amazing trip and one day “Phil asked if I wanted to get up to watch the sunrise the next morning (I had been asking him for days, but sleeping always seemed to prevail when 4:45 a.m. rolled around). I agreed – and the next morning we rolled out of bed, out the door and down to the ocean. We sat on the rocks enjoying the view for bit, and Phil, being the explorer he is, suggested we wander around the rocks. After walking in one direction he suggested we explore around the corner by our house. There, we stopped and I saw a piece of driftwood “mysteriously” hanging from a rock in the distance. I squinted to make out the words…“Will you marry me?” carved into the wood. There was laughter, tears, and a “Yes!” thrown in there somewhere. The rest of the morning and week were spent celebrating this incredible news with our family and loved ones.”
What a great story! Congrats Taylor and Phil!!! This will be an amazing year for you!

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