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Underwater Maternity Session: Laura & Gord

There is something about shooting in the water that fills my soul with excitement. The underwater world is magical. I love the way people look in this weightless environment…especially a gorgeous pregnant momma and her husband. There is something dreamlike in these beautiful moments in the water, a place where I have always felt so comfortable.

Laura & Gord are no strangers to the water, and their new addition certainly won’t be either! Laura grew up at Lakeside Swim Club, Gord is an experienced swimmer from Canada and now an assistant swim coach at Bellarmine. This isn’t the first time I have gotten the opportunity to photograph this athletic and beautiful couple. We had their underwater engagement session a few years ago so they are skilled at underwater modeling!

Photographing underwater can open up a new world of possibilities for a photographer and a whole lot of new challenges as well. Your housing for your camera, lighting, posing, composition, and post-production are a whole new set of skills from regular photography. But, I absolutely love the images that are created being submerged underwater. There is nothing like it!

I can’t thank Laura and Gord enough for being such awesome underwater models and taking my direction well to create these images. Your baby is going to be one hell of a swimmer! Big thanks to Lakeside Swim Club for letting me use the facilities…it is the coolest pool I have ever known. Lastly I want to thank my awesome underwater assistant, William Kolb (he is featured as the last image in the blog post!) Without his enthusiasm, advice, and swimming abilities I could not have pulled this off! I also owe him credit to the image of Laura laying horizontally near the bottom of the water. William has nearly zero body fat and was able to hold the camera at the bottom to get photos while I kept floating the top! Haha!

Hope you all love the images and if you have any questions about underwater photos please don’t hesitate to reach out! Congrats to Laura & Gord!

Underwater MaternityPINLaura_Gord Maternity 2PINLaura_Gord Maternity 3PINLaura_Gord Maternity 4PINLaura_Gord Maternity 5PINLaura_Gord Maternity 6PINLaura_Gord Maternity 7PINLaura_Gord Maternity 8PINLaura_Gord Maternity 9PINLaura_Gord Maternity 10PIN

  • Angela Nief

    Many times I see your work and I am truly amazed. I try voicing that to you because I feel you should know that your work moves and touches others, even those of us that are in the photography industry or worked in the industry for years. But there are times when your images and work are Breathtaking; literally breathtaking and so beautiful. The movement, the emotion, the color and the tenderness…I am beyond words as to how to explain the wonder of this session and work of art. Truly Amazinh and your mom would be so proud of you and I know how proud your dad is of you…
    My Best to you…Continue Blessing others with your touch…

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