Louisville Engagement Photography

This might have been the most fun photo shoot I have ever had in my career! I had a blast with this adorable couple at Lakeside Swim Club. I grew up as a competitive swimmer and spent every summer at the pool so every time I get a chance to get underwater with my camera, I take it and this year I have had many opportunities to do so! I started the year out with an underwater shoot with Olympian Caroline Burckle and shortly after did an underwater Herscene shoot with talented photographer Micheal Clevenger. I was thrilled when Mhyria Miller asked me to do underwater photos of her and  fiance, Vlad Polyakov.

We planned the shoot way ahead of time and got clearance from Lakeside Swim Club, which was the most amazing pool I could dream of for this. With the help of my aspiring photo assistant and Lakeside swimmer, William Kolb and the beautiful couple I got to photograph, I couldn’t have asked for a better shoot. I found out after the session that Vlad is a three-time Olympian, World Champion, and NCAA record holder!!! But, you never would have known that from Vlad’s humble and sweet demeanor. Mhyria is no amateur swimmer herself, she swam for University of Georgia and made it to many NCAA Championships. Vlad held on to every word Mhyria said and I could tell how truly in love the two are with each other after just a few minutes. Needless to say the couple is very comfortable underwater and they even communicate well with each other  a few feet under the surface!! I hope these pictures show their beauty and love for one another! I honestly can’t stop staring at these photos…they remind me of this fantasy world of mermaids in love!

Enjoy…and this won’t be the last of my underwater work! I can’t get enough of it!