Caroline and I have had frequent early morning walks in Cherokee Park over the past few months and when we started to think of a location for her fitness photo shoot for her website this was the first place that popped in my mind. We chose the most pristine morning. Fog over the hills in cherokee and the most stunning angel light a photographer could dream of for this shoot.

I had such a wonderful time doing this with Caroline. She is an incredible person, athlete, and just has a radiance about her that makes her easy to photograph. Not only is she an Olympic Bronze medalist, a yogi, and a runner but she is an amazing health and wellness coach. I know from experience and she has helped me feel stronger inside and out, more confident, and use the positive qualities I have to their full advantage. Most of all, Caroline is inspirational to get out there and move! I went on a run in 90 degree heat after this shoot and it felt great:-) Enjoy the photos!

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