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Kylene’s Photography has a decade of experience working at major metropolitan newspapers. Our professionalism and experience go beyond your average photographer. We work directly with top advertising agencies and corporations covering your major media conference, products, and food photography. Please contact us regarding your event or business needs.

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If seeing is believing, it’s no surprise that commercial photography is critical to your company success.

Commercial photography is about creating images that show off your company, product, brand, or services to the world. It tells your story, shows who you are and tells consumers why they should stop and pay attention.

The engaging, beautiful, fast-paced, (and competitive) world of marketing is about the power of a single image. From menus to social media, images sell more than words ever could. Our passion is creating powerful images to create powerful results for your Louisville business.

We provide commercial photography services in a wide range of options for both public relations, products, trade shows, and events. We can mix and match services to match your needs and provide the images you need for your website, brochures, marketing materials, social media, etc.


Any type of industry trade show is about showing off the latest and greatest. It’s about revealing new products, breakthrough technology, and company growth.

It’s perfect for creating exposure or reinventing your brand. We provide services that can create a stunning tradeshow booth and document the event itself.

• Booth Photography: High impact photography creates a booth that draws attention from across the room. Our professional commercial photographers can work with you to create larger-than-life images to help you look you best.

• Event Photography: Whether you are hosting, speaking, or attending, corporate events like tradeshows can be a great opportunity to create exposure.

Our photographers work tirelessly throughout the Louisville event to capture moments to increase future exposure for your company, capitalize on your investment and show off your hard work.

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Conventions and conferences show your customer and employees the value you put into your business. It’s about showcasing your team, your success, and your future.

Convention and conference photography is not about getting posed pictures of a bunch of business suits, (although we are happy to take those, too). It’s about capturing the essence of your company and the energy of an event with a single photo.

Using convention and conference photography effectively can capitalize on your investment and provide a wealth of opportunities.

• If you have a celebrity appearance or guest speaker, offer photo opportunities with them.

• Provide a photo booth to encourage attendees to have fun and gives you priceless images to use in the future.

• Control your own media coverage by having images ready for press coverage who may be covering the event.

• Send printed photos as a thank you and a keepsake to attendees.

• Project a live stream or slideshow of images for your guests during the event.

• Use images in future marketing campaigns on your website and on social media platforms.

We love to capture those special moments and professional milestones that tell your story from start to finish.


The best marketing campaigns use vivid, moving, and impactful photography that is impossible to miss. The right type of PR photos makes you stand out and get noticed in today’s fast-paced world.

A good PR photo shows who you are, what you do, and why it is important. It’s similar to advertising, but the main goal of PR photography is to tell a story or share an event, rather than a direct sale.

We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve to create PR photos that are likable, shareable, and unmissable for your Louisville audience.

• Keep it current. A photo shoot from 2 years ago (or maybe even 2 months ago) may no longer be relevant. You want every press release to be fresh and current.

• Use a variety of photos so you’re not always showing the same angle or the same view every time.

• Don’t take the obvious route. We all love photos of people holding giant checks, but we go beyond that to tell the real story.

• Think like an editor – what type of photos would you want in your newspaper or magazine? Those types of captivating, irresistible photos are the ones we want to provide.

Including an image with every press release is more likely to get attention from a journalist than one without. They say an image is worth 1000 words, but we think that statistic is drastically underrated. The right image combined with the right words can be priceless.


From corporate events to professional milestones, commercial event photography is there every step of the way. From meet and greet handshakes to the keynote speaker, we create images that can be used to capture, promote, motivate, and inspire both attendees and participants.

Many of our commercial event photography has been used in marketing campaigns, magazine articles, websites, social media, and other marketing materials.


Product photos are about sending a message without saying a single word. Amateur product photos are easy to spot from a mile away and make your business look like a hobby rather than a company.

We produce photos with cohesion, consistency, and creativity. Whether you need pack shots for online shopping or you’re looking for a lifestyle product photo shoot, we can create the perfect setting to show off your products in the best light.

• Pack Shots: These are clean and clear product photos with a white background perfect for online shopping. Our pack shots are high-quality images with alternate views and zoom enabled to allow you to highlight details and maintain clarity.

• Product Displays: This style of product photography adds some personality to the photos by using additional elements. It might include a collection of products, a background with more personality, a dramatic lighting effect, or additional elements to add to create a display more than a stock image.

• Lifestyle Photos: Some products are best shown in use in the atmosphere they are designed for like a hammock used in the mountains or the perfect pair of shoes walking downtown.

Lifestyle product photos are a photo shoot where the product is the focus, but the background, lighting, and props create the full experience.


You crave foods that look delicious, and we do too. Most consumers eat with their eyes before they even realize they are hungry. Beautiful food is a big business in Louisville, and it’s easy to see why. Delicious, juicy, and fresh photography makes our mouth water.

More pictures are taken of food than nearly any other category. The foodie culture has taken over, and we are on board. Whether you run a food truck, bakery, café, or the hottest restaurant downtown, drool-worthy photography is your ticket to creating a line out the door.

Professional food photography is what creates the illusion that you can smell the photo, taste the details, and crave that plate. We work with food professionals to create plating, lighting, and composition that all contribute to the perfect foodie photo.

• Plating: It’s all about presentation. Some foods, like doughnuts and cakes, are easy to photograph. Others, like soups or sandwiches, can be tricky to show their best side.

Plating adds character, setting, and dimension to the photo to give the consumer the full experience.

• Lighting: If you’ve ever taken a picture of your five-star dining experience with a smartphone, you know how important lighting is. It is what makes meat look juicy and vegetables look fresh. Using light carefully is what makes food completely irresistible.

• Composition: The best commercial photographers aren’t lucky. Instead, they are careful and strategic with an eye for detail. Capturing perfectly melted cheese, fresh cold ice cream, or juicy burgers is about framing foods in the best way possible through expert composition.

Our extensive knowledge and experience in food photography gives us the expertise to create the perfect plating, lighting, and composition to create craveable photos.


Today’s advertising is all about images. Photos get noticed, and photos make sales. It is why our feeds are full of photos and entire social media platforms are built on the concept of sharing pictures.

When you’re competing for advertising space in today’s fast-paced world, there’s little room for mediocrity. So how do you make the cut?

• Have a message: Marketing photos should be clear, concise, and uncluttered to deliver the most powerful message.

• Make it compelling: The most effective advertising, marketing, websites are filled with compelling images that complement your message.

• Use emotion: What do you want your customers to know, feel, or learn? What emotion does your product evoke? We create images to tell that story and emphasize those emotions.

The best advertising photography uses art, color, light, and presentation to show off your brand in a way that captures an audience with one glance.

We know how to give you the services and support to make your vision a reality. We work with you and your creative marketing team to find the perfect location, props, models, and setting to tell your story.

The best commercial photography creates a great first look and a lasting impression all in the same photo. If you want to be sure your Louisville business is playing in the same professional field, there is no effective alternative to professional commercial photography.

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